June 29

New Painting for Sale: Introducing ‘Sanctuary’


This is 'Sanctuary' (oil on board, 45 x 31.5 x 0.4 cm)

It's the first oil painting I worked on in Lockdown earlier this year, using our conservatory as a studio, and it's been carefully stored so it can dry out in the meantime.

'Sanctuary' has featured on my website in the 'Works' section, and also on one of my blog posts and a video during the last few months, so you may be already familiar with the painting.

This is a small, richly painted, breezy, summery piece—inspired by my series of rural walks around Cawthorne, South Yorkshire.

"It takes a few moments to notice the shed, nestled in the cover of the fragrant trees and vegetation, tucked away in the baked summer landscape.
I imagine this tired old structure is someone's haven—someone's respite from the world.
In summer you can sit outside and bask in quiet solitude with birdsong around you, or take shelter from the burning sun.
In winter, it becomes protection from the icy wind and battering rain. An earthily-scented refuge to enjoy a brew and warm your hands while the weather has its way."

Although I painted 'Sanctuary' at a time when the world felt very strange, and there was a sense of nervous tension in the air as Covid-19 took hold and the Lockdown set in, I found it incredibly uplifting and therapeutic to work on. 

We were lucky enough to enjoy some amazing weather in Spring 2020, and it was glorious (though a little hot!) painting in the conservatory with the doors and windows wide open, feeling connected with the local landscape through my work and catching the scent of it on the breeze.

Here's a small video of my working on the painting from start to finish.

And if you'd love to have 'Sanctuary' hanging on your own wall, you can find it in my shop right here.

Details from 'Sanctuary' (Click to enlarge)

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About Julia

Julia Brown

Julia is a motorcycle-riding, cat-herding, food loving fine artist.

Based in rural Yorkshire, she lives with her partner, sculptor Damon Price, and their 3 bonkers cats. 

Aside from painting and drawing, she designs and illustrates books, sometimes does the garden, and loves food and cooking—but then has to run it off at some point later.

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Julia writes this blog on her website www.juliabrownart.com.

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