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All works tagged here are sold under the fantastic #artistsupportpledge.

#artistsupportpledge is a movement to support artists and makers during Covid-19, created by artist Matthew Burrows, using Instagram.

The concept is a simple one. Artists post images of their work, on Instigram which they are willing to sell for no more than £200 each (not including shipping).

Anyone can buy the work. Every time an artist makes £1,000 ($1,000) in sales, they commit 20% (£200) to purchasing the work of another artist using the hashtag.

There are no enforcements, it is a system based on trust where everyone, at every level can contribute to supporting artists and makers.

This spirit of mutual support and generosity is enabling artists to maintain a vital income stream at a time when most sales channels have disappeared overnight and artists find themselves facing an uncertain financial future.

I would love to support other artists by being able to buy their work, so by you purchasing a piece you’ll cherish from me, you’re also helping our global community of artists support themselves and others around them at this difficult time.

Thank you,



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