Ink #9 – Waning, 2020


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37.8cm x 21.5cm, (8.5″x 14.9″) approx

Quink Ink and Bleach on Cotton Khadi Paper, 2020


One of a series from my current work exploring spaces, landscapes and structures—man-made or organic, and the interplay of one against and within the other.

From a collection of ink paintings created in response to one of my walks around our local area.

The summer was coming to an end, and the sun had that golden, dusty light as it flickered through the towering seedheads and vegetation moving in the breeze.

I wanted the shapes I described to be something both intangible yet instantly recognisable—solid objects, the space in between them, and the atmosphere created by light, shade and colour.


Please note; this painting has rough, uneven edges that give it it’s own particular character.


This artwork is currently unframed, but I’m happy to arrange framing for UK clients.

If you would like this artwork framing, please fill in your details in the form below before purchasing and I’ll get back to you to discuss the next step.


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Dimensions37.8 × 21.5 × 0.1 cm